26 Reasons to Join Temple Beth Shalom

1. It’s Enjoyable and Life-EnrichingRead more

2. You are Jewish or are interested in JudaismRead more

3. The Temple Represents Your Interests in the Larger WorldRead more

4. Our Rabbi is a DelightRead more

5. Services are Imaginative, Creative, and MeaningfulRead more

6. The Choir is Inspiring, led by Rabbi BuchenRead more

7. FriendshipRead more

8. Leaders and AchieversRead more

9. MishpachaRead more

10. Our Temple HomeRead more

11. Membership Dues are ReasonableRead more

12. The Celebration of Life’s Highs and LowsRead more

13. A Center of Jewish Social InteractionRead more

14. Intimate Education for our youngsters, and it’s FREE!Read more

15. Purim FestivitiesRead more

16. Hannukah Latke PartyRead more

17. The Passover SederRead more

18. The High HolidaysRead more

19. The OnegsRead more

20. Torah StudyRead more

22. TravelRead more

23. The LibraryRead more

24. Our Social Media Read more

25. The ShofarRead more

26. The Weekly BulletinRead more

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