President’s Message


 Welcome to our Website.  As you browse this site, you’ll learn we are a Reform Congregation with an appeal to all. You will see our school, our calendar, and our many activities. You will get a sense of the energy that this highly active congregation has with its many different facets and which attracts many people with varying interests.
      However, what you will not be able to get from this website is the true nature of the friendly, nurturing atmosphere created by our members and our beloved and loving Rabbi.  That you have to experience for yourself.
       Accept this as your personal invitation to join us for a Friday night Shabbat Service.  Then you will be able appreciate just what we are all about.  I guarantee you will like what you find and realize that this is the Jewish community you’ve been looking for.
       Our motto is more truth than words, “Visit us as a guest, leave as a friend, and return as family.”  So let’s enjoy an Oneg together.  When you arrive, just ask for Harvey.



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