Religious School

Upper and Lower Religious school children

Upper and Lower Religious school children

Hanukkah Play followed by Latke Party




Our Religious School provides a welcoming and nurturing environment where children learn to cherish their Jewish heritage. Our strength is that we’re a small school that gives personal attention to each child as we strive to bring the joy of being Jewish to our students.

Temple Beth Shalom offers a free Hebrew and religious education to children of dues-paying members. The congregation feels that the education of their youth is the future of Judaism. Classes meet at 4:30 pm on Wednesday afternoons.

Our educated and experienced, caring teaching staff is simply the best! Rabbi Devora Buchen has worked with the teachers to develop a curriculum which emphasizes Hebrew, rituals, traditions, Torah, holidays and fun activities. Our teacher, Sheerie Beauvais directed by our Education Chair, Danielle Urowsky uses research based learning strategies to teach each child at their own level.  The planned activities assure that each child learns a lot and enjoys their Religious School Experience.

Separate from the religious school, students preparing to become a Bar or Bat Mitzvah meet privately with Rabbi Buchen.

Free Latke party

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