Membership Committee

Herb, our membership chairman speaks with Robin & Jerry, who are now members

Herb, one of our past our membership chairmen speaks with Robin & Jerry, who are now members.

The membership committee actively seeks new members to our congregation by welcoming them at Shabbat Services, at all of our community events and activities at TBS.

There is literature displayed in our social hall for activities and new member information.

A warm welcome is the trademark of our committee. We welcome people to our synagogue and new members to the committee, which meets monthly at the Temple.


Publications and Publicity Committee


The Publications and Publicity Committee has five separate areas of responsibility; hence, the committee consists of at least five people.

First , we publish the quarterly Temple newspaper, the “Shofar.” You can read past issues online by clicking on “Resources,” and “Shofar.”

Second, we publish various booklets for special services and lifestyle events, like B’nai Mitzvot and Yizkor, and there is a booklet needed almost every other month.

Third, we submit articles about our activities to the Jewish Federation for publication in their monthly paper “L’Chayim. You can access that through our “Resources,” and “L’Chayim.”

Fourth, we publish bi-fold and tri-fold brochures to invite and welcome visitors and prospective new members to our Temple.

Fifth, we advertise our fund-raising events and submit public service announcements to local T.V. and radio stations, as well as the various daily, weekly, and monthly local newspapers.

In addition, we take pictures for all the publications, and interview guests and celebrities that we welcome to visit.

There is always room for willing workers on this committee.



Religious Practices Committee

Religious Practices Committee plans for Rosh Hashana

Religious Practices Committee plans for Rosh Hashanah

The Religious Practices Committee affords the Rabbi support in conducting our religious services by planning and coordinating details for Shabbat and holiday worship services, religious festival celebrations and life cycle events.

Each week before the Shabbat service begins, a committee member invites individual congregants to participate by lighting Shabbat candles, assisting in the Torah service, receiving an honor, or being called to the Torah (an aliyah).  Similarly for holiday observances and festival celebrations, the committee calls on congregants who would like to participate in the holiday service.

The committee is responsible for seeing that the sanctuary is set up properly for each service and ensures that items needed for the particular service or observance are available.

The committee also makes policy recommendations to the Board of Directors relevant to the committee’s areas of responsibility.

The committee meets several times per year; more frequently in summer/fall in preparation for the High Holidays.  Rabbi Buchen attends the committee meetings and provides guidance to the committee.

The committee welcomes congregants who would like to join.  No particular knowledge base is required; in fact, through the committee’s close connection with Rabbi Buchen, participation in the committee provides a unique opportunity to broaden one’s understanding of Reform Jewish practice.


Social Action Committee


This committee spearheads our efforts to show our spirit of Tzedaka to the community as well as tikkun olam.  We donate portions of our fund raising proceeds, and collect food supplies for our local food bank and community caring centers.  We collect and donate school supplies to our closest most needy schools. Our congregants fill the roll of election officials for all elections, and we house two voting precincts in our Temple social hall (which also becomes a Temple fund raiser).  We have collected food for our overseas troops, and we give generously of our time for volunteering in the community.


Social Activities Committee

Of all the things we do for fun at Temple Beth Shalom, the social activities committee wields the broadest brush to paint our faces happy. The list includes: Karaoke, game night, “popcorn & a movie” night, bingo, dine-around at local eateries, dance parties, picnics, theater parties, and even a December 25th “Let’s eat Chinese,” party.  The Brotherhood and Sisterhood also sponsor their own social activities which add to the choices and the fun.

Dine-around at Panera Bread

Dine-around at Panera Bread

Karaoke had talent, fun, and lots of laughs

Karaoke had talent, fun, and lots of laughs

Game night had lots of winners.

Game night had lots of winners.



Building and Grounds Committee

Our Temple Building was constructed in 1973.  There have been many renovations, security upgrades and improvements to the grounds and most of the work has been done by our own members.

We have been a very self-sufficient group, and take great pride in our accomplishments. We enjoy the sense of brotherhood we feel as we work to keep our building and grounds up to date.

Every so often something pops up that needs attention and we get the job done!  People with skills are always encouraged to join the building and grounds committee, because our volunteer labors help to keep our congregation in its own comfortable home.

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