Volunteering is a Jewish tradition.  Members of our congregation volunteer outside of our synagogue in the community in many ways.  Some members work in the hospital, some in the schools, some in public auditing, some in tax preparation.  Some members work with the food banks, some volunteer their time in other Jewish organizations and charities.

We at Temple Beth Shalom are proud of our congregant’s efforts both inside and outside of our walls.

For new members we offer many opportunities inside of our congregation to help build and develop our organization, and to fill the needs of offices and committees. Becoming involved is the best way to build the sense of community and friendship that we share as a Temple Family.


2020 Honoree Elyse Smith with her daughter Katya and husband Mark













2020 Honorees Helene and Jorge Glocer receiving their plaque from our president










If you are ready and willing to join in helping at Temple Beth Shalom, please fill out our questionnaire to give us an idea of what you would enjoy volunteering for, and we will have the appropriate committee contact you.

If you’d like to volunteer, please complete and return the


questionnaire.  Volunteer Questionnaire

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