Special Services

Other Holidays, Festivals and Observances

Our congregation is not large in number, but enormous in spirit.  We celebrate the holidays and festivals of each season with great enthusiasm and cheer.

Children build the Sukkah

Children build the Sukkah


We celebrate Sukkot with a Kiddish reception in our specially designed domed sukkah, erected by the TBS Brotherhood and decorated by the children in the religious school.

Simchat Torah

On Simchat Torah, the children carry small Torahs as we march around the sanctuary with paper flags.



Hannuka Candle LightingAt the Shabbat service during Chanukah, everyone brings a menorah and we light them all in the sanctuary, truly lighting up the night.







Children's Purim Play

Children’s Purim Play

At Purim, we read from the Magillah, and drown out the name of Haman with our groggers.  The children put on a Purim speil spilling over with much sword-play and merriment        .





"Look, I found the Afikomen!"

“Look, I found the Afikomen!”


On Passover, we have an annual congregational seder.  Congregants, their families and friends come together to share in the warmth and joy of the ceremonial Passover meal.




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